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We Offer Real Estate Management Services
                            Keeping Your Property In Top Condition & Managed Properly

Why Choose Our Real Estate Management Services?

1. Pearlridge Realty is large enough to serve your needs, yet small enough to personalize with 35+
    years experience. 

2. Except on rare occasions, a "live person" answers the telephone for immediate response to our 
    owners and tenants—no leaving messages and then having to wait for a return call. 

3. When a tenant calls with a repair issue, someone from our real estate management office goes out to 
    inspect the problem and can make most simple repairs without charge. This saves on expensive 
    service calls. If a repairman is truly needed, then instructions can be given to reduce repair time. 

4. Pearlridge Realty's fee is only 10% of the rent collected. We are not paid until the property is rented 
   and rent is collected.  There are no "startup fees", "vacancy fees", or "showing fees".   Advertising is
   done on the military AHRN (Automated Housing Referral Network) or public Craigslist, both are free
   advertising services.

5. Owners' funds are dispersed promptly and should be received by the 10th of each month.  Owner
    statements are mailed quarterly with a copy of paid bills attached.

6. All applicants are fully screened to ensure that they qualify, have the income necessary, and will take 
    care of the property as if it was their own. 

7. Pearlridge Realty encourages our owners to call if they have questions about anything relating 
    to the property or if they have any questions about the real estate market. Pearlridge Realty 
    is a full-service real estate management company and can handle all of your real estate needs,
    including listing and sales. 

Pearlridge Realty takes pride in maintaining our owners' investment properties in excellent condition to ensure maximum rental or sale income.


Real Estate

When you need a experienced and trusted property manager. Pearlridge Realty is the company to contact. We provide complete real estate property management services. Call (808) 487-3631 or e-mail us today for more information.